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Who wants their wedding to look like every other wedding? No Quirk It bride, that’s for sure! We offer bespoke wedding design and event planning services for any budget so that every couple can experience a ‘one of a kind’ wedding.

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The crazy, creative redhead with a love of all things vintage and a vision for personalised perfection.
Pet peeve: an unstyled Cake table.


The blonde bombshell who brings the fun. Table setting whisperer and master decorator.
Pet peeve: blank space on a dining table.

Our Values


Your special day deserves to be… special! Our mantra is “individuality is key” and we intentionally design one-of-a-kind, “wow” moments into your wedding decor. The result: a unique and memorable wedding for you and your loved ones.


Every couple have their own personalities, styles and story and we want to capture that in your wedding design. We design elements and decorations based on your own interests and memories; that are unforgettably and authentically: you.


Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience so it’s important to find trustworthy designers with the experience and creative flare to bring your dream wedding to life.


Your wedding is the culmination of your love story so far and the beginning of a brand new chapter, so our number one goal is to ensure that it’s a showstopper! Check out our gallery to see some of our best work and get inspired.

On the Day...

Wear the dress, not the stress!

We handle all the decorating for the big day so you can scratch that off your list! Let the pros handle the décor so that you can have the peace of mind you need to focus on the people and moments that matter to you.

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